Programme Impact Assessments
Strategic Planning and reviews
Feasibility Studies
Policy Studies,
Market Studies
Financial Studies
Monitoring and Evaluation,
Market Research Surveys
Skills needs assessments
Skills gap analysis
Strategic Planning and Policy Reviews
Economic impact surveys
Tracer Studies
Vulnerability assessments
Nutritional surveys
behavior survey

MTD also Specialize in the provision of statistical services to the business and academic communities. Our focus is on the improvement and development of statistical capabilities within the business information and academic environments, providing innovative and tailor made solutions to our clients. Our efficiency stems from our marked experience in learning and organizing national surveys with very large database systems.

Customer Perception surveys
Organisation climate and culture survey
Technology adoption surveys
Customers Satisfaction Surveys
Employee surveys
Development, deployment and maintenance of the MS SQL environment. Ensuring availability and performance of the Database and improvement and maintenance of the database to include rollout and upgrades
Wdocumentation of the processes and procedures
Work as part of a team and provide support where required
MTD Research
customer satisfaction survey data analysis
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Research Operations

Statistical Services

Database Management

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Perception surveys

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