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MTD Data capture offers offline and Online Data capture services as well as onsite data capturing outsourcing for surveys, vital statistics and other data. MTD has tried tested mythologies for ensuring quality data within a short turnaround time. All manual data processing /data entry and quality assurance is done by trained and experienced staff. Data output format as flat ASC II, SPSS, stata, epi info, CSV, excel spread sheets, etc as specified by users.
Online data capture will provide real time updates. MTD is data capture company that gives customized solutions for online surveys. We also believe deep that data is even more valuable when made available sooner. Quality data analytics requires more than consolidating data in a central location, it demands up-to-the-minute captures.
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When dealing highly confidential data most clients require the process to be done at their premises. Our team of data captures will be available to operation on site and complete the project in time. No data will be taken out of the office and all the data will be captured into a central server.
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Why CSPro?
New CSPro templates include:
An easy-to-use user interface
Simple data cleaning and quality control functions
Ability to conduct additional analysis or easily export data into a number of formats
Apart from the Softwares mentioned we can also design a suitable software customized to meet client use.

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Online Data capture services

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CSPro data capture services

For most of the research questionnaire we recommend CSpro. The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a public domain software package for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating data from censuses and other surveys. It was designed by the United States Census Bureau, Macro International, and Serpro, S.A.
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